SNPP Client (Online Paging Tool for Windows)

SNPP Client - Version: 1.04
Comm One Systems FREE Windows SNPP Client allows anyone on the Internet to quickly send a page to an Email/TNPP Gateway or any SNPP server. This SNPP Client lets you maintain your own personal list of names and pager numbers, as well as 8 pre-configured messages. Here is what the program looks like:

Download file: SNPP_CL.exe

File size: Approximately 275 Kb

SETTINGS: In order to use the SNPP Client, you must configure the program for Action Page / Mr. Radio. Click "Configuration", type in the "Server IP Address" box. You must be connected to the internet to use this program. Your configuration page should look like the following image:

Disclaimer: As with all downloads, always run a Antiviral program before executing any files downloaded. We have checked the files for viruses, but we will not be held responsible for virus infectious downloads. Comm One Systems is the engineer of this software, all technical and support questions should be directed to them at their website.